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Things go up, they can be something creepy, cool, or whatever, or better you can traverse the strange objects to habit a gallery.



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1. For the first 10 people who comment on this journal, I will feature one of their characters I like the most and comment my choice. (I will go to your gallery and pick one character and one picture I like, you don't need to tell me which one) This feature is for original creations only, no fan-characters.

2. If you comment, please do the same in your journal, and put me in the first feature slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! I'll feature you after you've made the journal.

I understand whole well if you can't draw, having some commissioned artwork of your character is fine, if it's written, that's fine too.

1. :iconmr-undisclosed:

 Louis: Normal man, working along side an elastic gal named Sohpie, who seems to have a knack for teasing him quite a ton, teasing is my favorite sort of entertainment... even if I'm easily tease-able. 
CommissionDrunkenFist Louis being smarmy by Mr-Undisclosed 

2. :icondaemonking:
Demi: YEEEEHAW! This Cowgal knows how to have a good time, also long as she ain't on the recieving end of things (Which happens a lot, heheheh). But also cute.
Demi ref sheet by DaemonKing

3. :iconzeroconfidence:
Zero Confidence!: You know what I like? Scientists, you know what I like about them? Despite all that intellect, that their experiments always backfire or has to just straight up jinx stuff and for me that never gets old. Zero Confidence greatly fits the bill with his/her whack inventions and chems, so might wanna be careful 'round 'em!
 Zero Confidence TG War ID by ZeroConfidence

4. :iconj-don-bonne:
Colette Hartford: I might try my hand at drawing this character, at least when I'm feeling a little better. With pretty unique abilities on hand and with how it just goes with them, building the personality itself! It may be simple descriptions to you, but there's always a little more than you think!
Team Y2K: Colette Hartford Reference Sheet by J-Don-Bonne

5. :iconsabitha-suki:
Kyoko Tohomiko: She can become a Sylveon, nuff said. :y
Kyoko Tohomiko- The Morphing Trainer by Sabitha-Suki

6. :iconshockzboy:
Dakura Nisashi: Young with goals on the brain, he's got the characteristics of most shonen type characters, but were not saying that is bad. There's always more of what can be brought to the table here by what Shockz wants to show here, so don't turn ye head, grab some patience and take a gander, you may like what you find with the upcoming reboot of Demon Quest.
Dakura Nisashi (Future Outfit) by Shockzboy
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Out with the Old by Scoots-Buragi
Out with the Old
In with the new!

I was looking through a bunch of old artwork and was like "Dude, this shit sucks, I hate looking at it, let's throw it in the trash!" And then I came across Scoots old design and I just had to give him... is disrespectful burial! :D

Let's just take that old design and toss that thing in the old hoop!

Scoots © This guy
Quick Laser Model by Scoots-Buragi
Quick Laser Model
Appearances: Scroll Master. Default Dan
Weight: 12 lbs
- Laser based weapon
- Highest particle acceleration
- No charge times between bursts
- Blasts though take 2 seconds before next blast can be discharged
- As you'd expect, the blast is actually about as fast as light, hence the name
- Fires 6 " wide. 6 " long blasts
- Pierces most armor types

Abundance: Rare weapon, GX version being more of a collectors edition, only 15 exist galaxy wide and can be hard to get your hands on.

Scoots Buragi- One of his most preferred weapons in his scarf/magic satchel. [Mid-story generation]
Lady Cobra- A high ranking galactic mercenary, and inventor of the rare but collectable "Miss Cobra" gun. [Mid-story generation]
Outrage- would use it during the Ascendancy matches when he was only a Default Dan. [Elder story generation]

A nifty and dangerous weapon, with a limited number in stock, this is considerably a gunslinger's wet dream. with it's particle's beyond incomprehensible speed, it also comes down to the user of the weapon with their gun slinging ability. The GX is a collector's item, and boosts a little more power than the regular model, it's notable by the engraved collector's edition on the top energy exhaust zone. 

Quick Laser © Thinking of really dangerous things
White Mage Cat by Scoots-Buragi
White Mage Cat
Team healer for all your healing needs! Also Cat.

Cat © :iconpekepeke3:




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