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Things go up, they can be something creepy, cool, or whatever, or better you can traverse the strange objects to habit a gallery.



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I bought a crapton of Moleskin sketchbooks, guess what Imma do wit em?

Work on Scroll Master the series full time with them, it'll be time consuming, BUT I CAN DO IT!
  • Listening to: F-Zero GX/AX Soundtrack
  • Playing: Pokemon Y
  • Eating: Break Fast Bro


Heroes as Arms - Hokage Mallet by Dragon-FangX

Okay I saw this and I had to say something. First off, you shouldn't hold a hammer like a sword, and if you just swing at enemies like ...

Kimono Fox lady by dragoon86

The impact is bigger with this one, but there are still some major flaws with this new one. For one, when I look at the hand holding th...

Reading up by dragoon86

Most of the detail in the pic is quite a breath taker, but it's more of body positioning and and the inner details because most people ...

Bungee vs Machi by animewave

Well okay let's begin shall we mate! First off, I'm very sure Bungee's arm would never achieve the postion its in to hold that sword to...


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
3DS Code: 0559-7851-0504

Marine, 21, gamer, traditional artist in progress, working on collection of series, naturally mean but is usually nice. DA is a good place... no its not, its not because a number of people are not sure how art is to be expressed, not some label to give themselves, but hey its not like I can force change, just some advice. I'm also a pretty blunt person, interaction is not advised if you lie about things.

Not fond of egotism.
Draws on occasion.
I don't take requests.
I do draw gifts, art trades, and commissions (note me about these).
I'm also fuckin' Bi.

Friggin' FAQ:
"Scoots do you critique to just be a dick?"
If I did then everyone would get a half star rating. I do critique cause I care for natural improvement like I want to improve as well, if you take that critique and swallow the tips I give, you might actually get somewhere and not get trapped in some time loop of a midlife crisis that lasts for 20 years, you'll do fine.

"Are you naturally an asshole?"
I'll admit, sometimes I make a terrible impression, but that's how I always start off and most things you'll hear about me are not the greatest things or sounds like I went and murdered about 10-20 of your family members, yeah... But if you manage to actually have some sort of patient, I can be basically the nicest guy around who can be a bit of pushover... Just don't get on my bad side, I have a history of being cold enough I'm actually proud of it.

"Do you say things to hurt feelings?"
I'm just brutally honest, enough said pal.

"Okay your a fetishfaggot, but then again you even go against others, why is that?"
I don't have to see eye to eye with everyone, it's not an order, it's a damn choice, be a fuckin' individual yourself so I'm not the last guy to bring you hell.

"Have any sort of regrets?"
Sometimes... Most of the time never.

"What's the art trade limits!? What of gifts? What will you draw?"
I like a extra large meal and make it 6. Getting introduced to new things is enough to get me drawing things, hell I'll even take my hands at drawing things I haven't draw before. So suggestions are much encouraged.

"Oh thanks for the fave, oh thanks for the watch!"
Yeah whatever man, unless you actually don't have much to say, try not to say that because I will not respond. :I

Current Art Trades: (If you have an art trade with me and it's not on this list, please please do remind me because I have terrible memory skills)
:iconlolocator: Twilight Half flat
:iconpokemonsega: Stretcherella
:icondlrowdog: Mills and Lovely worn out from battle
:iconeccentricchimera: Information Pending


Ink, color, and shading
All these Lulus by Scoots-Buragi
Slimeridin by Scoots-Buragi
Decide The Destiny by Scoots-Buragi
$15 by paypal
Ink, Color, and Dynamic shades
Color of the Evening by Scoots-Buragi
Express by Scoots-Buragi
$13 by paypal
Ink and Color/Flat
Stretch To A Stop by Scoots-Buragi
Pear Picker by Scoots-Buragi
Nibbles by Scoots-Buragi
$1o by Paypal
Sketch, ink, and dynamic shading
Sketch of the Morning by Scoots-Buragi
$5 by paypal only
Sketch and Ink
Shive Galliale by Scoots-Buragi
Drew by Scoots-Buragi
9 Kai by Scoots-Buragi
$3 By paypal payments, which is what I'm only taking.




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Thanks for the fav matie!
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When you will ever back from the navy?:I
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Whatever,same thing.
You will be back or nat?:I
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Yea, but I'll probably be really busy when I get back.
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Hey man, how's it been?
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I've been fine. Almost got stung by a wasp that flew by my ear a couple days ago, so that was scary, but I'm fine now.
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Ah, most of the dudes here are freakin out because of crickets
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finalmaster24 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014
Hey, is Magmazilla's body a magma or it's just a protective covering?
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